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Slow internet speed unbearably slow

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Slow internet speed unbearably slow

I’ve been having problems for weeks now 

my internet keeps dropping out so I have to switch off the router and restart it 

this fixes the problem for a short while but the tv keeps bufferIng when streaming Or watching Netflix 

our iPads keep buffering or are really slow to bring up you tube or pictures when browsing on eBay or Facebook and marketplace

I did a test this morning and I have 2.66 download and 0.63 upload

this is a joke And often we either stop watching Netflix or have to stop using iPads at same time BCF1B504-5B77-48AC-81C8-C4DDA89965F1.png

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Re: Slow internet. Trying to understand what's going on.

I’ve had problems for weeks now. 
if my hubby is using his  iPad the tv starts buffer when using Netflix or the whole internet crashes and I have to keep resetting the router. This is getting a joke now and( I need to call them. I did a test this morning and have a download speed of 2.66 and upload of 0.63 😤

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Re: Slow internet speed unbearably slow

@Golmx001 You have posted the same question on 3 boards - this is confusing, and will not help you to get an answer.

In order for Community members to help - please answer this simple question, and then we will know which topic to reply to in order to try and help you - Are you on an ADSL or Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)? I suspect you are on ADSL from your figures, but confirmation would help.

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Re: Slow internet speed unbearably slow


I couldn't agree more. I have tried looking at all the posts and have just given up!

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Re: Slow internet speed unbearably slow

Moderators Note

Posts from same OP merged, other topic locked. 

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Re: Slow internet speed unbearably slow

A speed test over wifi is not a useful base line for examining any speed issue.  What self help have you followed?  have you read the speed issues help pages?

Broadband is not going to work well if the "phone" line is not working properly.

Please perform a quiet line test - dial 17070 select option 2 using a corded phone plugged into the test socket behind the face plate of the master socket. It should be silent. A noisy phone line (or no dial tone) will have a marked adverse impact on the performance of broadband.

If the line is noisy or there is no dial tone, then a PHONE LINE fault needs to be raised with your phone provider. If this is PlusNet, you can report a fault on line using the button below.  From the Q&A list, choose the one which matches the problem, 'open' the 'section' and click the trouble-shooter link.  NB: If you receive a failure message (rather than a log-in prompt) then log-in to the user portal in a different browser tab and attempt to use the trouble-shooter again.


What are the expectations for your line?

Please use the following links to check the services available and their estimated speeds. From the first link, please record and report back the distance from the exchange. The second link advises of which fibre services (if any) are available on your line and their anticipated speed.


How is your line performing?

Please post your router stats; for PN TG582n and 2704n routers use the buttons below, for other routers look at the Kitz link.

Also run a BT Wholesale speed test (ideally using an Ethernet wired PC with the WiFi turned off) then run the further diagnostics and post the results here. DO NOT REBOOT the router!

NB: Please use an Edge browser or IE as there have been many reports that others fail to function correctly when accessing the BTw speed test.


Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.