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Slow internet...AGAIN!!

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Slow internet...AGAIN!!



I'm having problems with the speed of my connection again.  I had problems a few months ago, which were fixed although this took about 20% off the speed I was getting (down from 8Mb to about 6.5Mb).  The line is now playing up again over the last few days, with the speed repeatedly dropping to only 1MB or less.  I've had to reset the router several times which seems to temporarily fix the problem, but it soon returns a few hours or days later.  This is now getting beyond a joke. Please sort this out or I'll have no option to seek another provider.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Slow internet...AGAIN!!

Hi @richardglover65, sorry to hear you're having connection issues.


The speeds are syncing at 7.6Mbps from our end. Please run the BT Speedtester service from here using a wired connection. We would need at least three speedtests. Once the initial result is completed please click Further Diagnostics. Please type in your phone number and click run diagnostic test. This will run a test and send the results to the server for investigation. Once you've done the above, please raise the fault from here and let us know once you've done it so we can progress the fault for you.

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