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Slow aint the word

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Slow aint the word

I have been raising an issue about my slow fiber with plus-net since the day i joined (long story had a load of hassle) so they do speed checks after speed checks and after some long winded conversation on the phone they agree to send me out a new router. I did ask that they send an alternative to the technicolor tg582n but hey didn't listen. I am currently using a TP-Link TL-WDR3600 which for WiFi is great but im still getting the slow speeds on fiber to the point of if my PC is downloading an update or a game off steam streaming TV becomes unusable now for a 75Mb fiber line i think this is unacceptable. I would like plus-net to try and sort them self's out and get the speed issue sorted as at this rate ill end up leaving for another company altogether.
Please could your company supply a more suitable router and sort these speed issues out as im probably not the only person suffering from this type of problem and if we all complain and maybe  they might hear us all and get there act together and get this sorted once and for all
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Re: Slow aint the word

You can check if it's the router affecting things by connecting direct to the modem:
What does the BT diagnostic speed test say for your profile?
How far are you from the cabinet?
What does say for the speeds you should expect?
Quote from: enemyrex
I did ask that they send an alternative to the technicolor tg582n but hey didn't listen.

It's not that they didn't listen - they don't supply any other models.
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