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Slow Internet speed

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Slow Internet speed


I went away for a week and switched off the router while I was away. On my return my internet has become very slow. Done the quiet line test and no noise on line & the master socket test and checked micro filters. Can a staff member have a look at my line please.

Many thanks

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Re: Slow Internet speed


Have you tried a factory reset by pushing a pin or similar in the hub reset hole? Keep the switch closed for about 25 seconds then leave it to set itself up again from scratch. This can take about 10 minutes.

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Re: Slow Internet speed

Hi @greshoff

I'm sorry to see you're having speed issues.

Testing your line's not showing any definitive problems with your router getting around 20mbps still but I've made a change to a setting to increase what's known as the signal to noise ratio (SNRM) target from 3dB to 6dB which may help.

Can you let me know if you're still having problems?

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