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Slow Broadband

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Registered: ‎24-03-2020

Slow Broadband

What has happended to the online line check and investigation on broadband faults.

Having checked with the Bt wholesale test to find my speed is about a quarter what it should be.It now seems that you have to speak to an operator on the phone where they have a 20 minute queue.

Is this the new service that you advertise on TV now?.

What was wrong with the online service why do Ineed to speak at all?.



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Re: Slow Broadband

Hi @enginmike


Thank you for taking the time to get in touch regarding your connection issues. I'm sorry its taken a little longer than expected to reply to,


Having ran some tests on you line I've opened a ticket to record the results.


At this time I'm unable to identify any issues as as such I wondered if your experiencing the performance when carrying out wireless speed tests? if so hows the connection on a wired connection?


Please feel free to drop a reply to the ticket below as well as considering if a fault is needed via


Kind Regards


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 Kevin T
 Plusnet Help Team