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Sky Q conflicts causing internet dropouts.

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Registered: ‎18-08-2020

Sky Q conflicts causing internet dropouts.

I can’t find any recent similar topics, only some older ones with no resolution.

Jeez what a saga. Up until recently I was with Sky. I’m running smart home devices Sky Q with two extra boxes and a tp link Deco package for Wi-fi. When I switched to plusnet all I had to do to keep everything running was unplug the Deco then plug it back into the plusnet router with the Wi-fi there switched off. Couldnt be simpler right? Wrong. From the start the internet kept lagging and going down. Eventually a line engineer came out found noise on the line and wound the speed down a bit. Slightly better but still going down. Over the next few weeks I disconnected everything and added the devices back bit by bit. All went well until I connected my Sky box to the Wi-fi. Back to lagging and crashes. Next step I connected by Ethernet, same old same old. Disconnected from the hub lashed out after reading on various forums how sh@@ the plusnt hub is and bought an up to date BT hh.  Still no joy same crashing issue. Decided after weeks of experimenting I’d had enough and just left Sky Q disconnected. Occasional restarts every few days but generally OK. Then couple of weeks ago speed dropped to minimum around 256k and maximum 7-8Mbs. Back on to plusnet last week who said there was a fault on the line and arranged for an engineer to check it out. Call expected last week, heard nothing up to today (18th Aug) magically the day following my complaint the internet went down and when it returned bam back to 30+Mbs (most of the time). This whole process has taken thus far many weeks but 100% issue between Plusnet and Sky Q. I know it’s NOT Sky Q as it was working for years before I changed. So I’m paying for Sky that doesn’t work on a locked in 18 month contract. I’ve read all (or as much as I can understand) of the small print but no mention is made of issues with set top boxes.

i note from the forums there are several issues of crashing internet and wonder how many others have unknowingly the same issue. Has anyone solved the problem?