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Sitecom Modem WLM-2501 problems

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Sitecom Modem WLM-2501 problems

Hello All
Iv put in this Sitecom WLM2501 Modem/Router And all seams well with its normal working although there is loads of setting that can be added or altered Its very complicated. (well thats what Im telling myself anyway)
The problem I am having is with the network and Ultra VNC That is to say I can connect a WiFi m/c to a WiFi m/c no problem. But I cannot connect a WiFi m/c to a desktop PC that is on the wired ethernet part of the network. Now this is set out of the way and is used via the laptops as it is for downloads and media playback. Thats why I need VNC working so I can administer it. But Iv tried everything I can think of but to date I cannot get it to contact. That said It works the other way round . I hooked up a monitor and tried to connect via VNC from the Desktop to the WiFi and its fine.
Also I worked fine both ways with the old modem. So I replaced it this morning to see if it would work and it worked straight away.
So its obviously something to do with the new modem/router either settings or something. If anyone has any suggestions . That would be great then I can try them and see if I can get it up and running.  Smiley
thanks Osh.
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Re: Sitecom Modem WLM-2501 problems

From a quick glance at the manual there is a setting 'Ethernet to Wireless blocking' under LAN settings - make sure that is set to false (although it sounds like it should block both ethernet->wifi and vice versa which does not sound like is the case for you but worth checking anyway).