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Service is absolutely dreadful

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Service is absolutely dreadful

Your service is absolutely dreadful. I essentially don't have an internet connection. I cannot contact you because either I don't have internet connection or I have to wait on the phone for an hour or more and sometimes the line drops and I have to start over. As for the chat facility that's always unavailable unless you are looking to join as a new customer.

I had problems with your service from day 1 and have posted the most recent ones on your online platform [most recent open Question:#183516270 ]

You keep sending me messages that the line tests fine and reset again and again, prompting me to wait for a 10 day training period every time. However this is not about fine tuning or optimizing the line. The connection is almost non existent, extremely slow and often dropping.



Your broadband service was never good, but has been unusable for some time now; not fit for purpose.

 (The line was working fine with your parent company BT, before I switched to you)


Please call me between 8am and 9am to discuss how we end this farce or I'm escalating the complaint in a formal way.


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Re: Service is absolutely dreadful

If you describe your problem here you may get a response that might help you. I certainly wouldn't advise you to hold my breath whilst waiting for Plusnet to ring you between these hours.

Are you on fibre? Have you tested using an Ethernet cable? if so is that OK? If it's only a wireless problem and you have a Hub One router have you tried separating the bands and seeing which works best, see

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Re: Service is absolutely dreadful

Hi @angza8,


Thanks for your post.


We're sincerely sorry to hear of the issues you're having with your connection.


We're not able to guarantee callbacks via this support channel but I've included as much information on this issue as I can below.


I've checked your line and although I am seeing some drops, I'm concerned that the cluster of drops is from you resetting the router rather than the actual connection dropping off. I've included a graph of the drops below:




Can you tell us whether you're experiencing the dropouts only whilst using wireless or is do you also notice them via a wired Ethernet connection?


If the issue is solely experienced on a wireless connection I'd certainly recommend checking the WiFi as shown here.


For reference, we're showing that you're receiving around 7.2mbps from our end which is actually above the estimates provided by Openreach for your line of 4.5-6.5mbps.


Please don't hesitate to get back in touch if the above doesn't help, I'll keep an eye out for your response.