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Service Outage Yesterday (2nd Feb)

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Service Outage Yesterday (2nd Feb)

My ADSL line is quite slow anyway as I am at the outer edges of the reach of my BT exchange (about 700 kbps).  Yesterday morning my connection slowed to a crawl, and I spent a long time eliminating my wireless connection with a cable, running (eventually) BT speed test etc.  It was so slow I could barely access the plusnet site at all, and could not get the speed tester to complete the prepare to test phase.  When I decided to call the plusnet help line I got a recorded message saying there were performance issues due to network maintenance at plusnet.    In these circumstances could plusnet not simply do an email broadcast, in my case it would have saved a great deal of time and frustration?
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Re: Service Outage Yesterday (2nd Feb)

We were posting service status updates and keeping customers updated on Twitter too. You can sign up for email copies of the service status feed at:
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