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A person alleging to be Alex Morgan of B.T. at 81, Newgate Street, London rang today to tell me that one of my internet devices were sending spurious warning messages to a B.T. server.  He claimed that B.T. had the permission of Plusnet to contact me to resolve the issue.  I was inclined to think him bona fide but when I replied to his first question that I had two iMacs and two iPads he immediately terminated the call.  

I'm aware that I have a problem with the new router (sent by Plusnet about 8 Weeks ago) because one of my iMacs will not now connect to the internet but I can't believe this is causing any problem as it is at present mostly switched off.

Observations welcomed.


Alex Edge


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Re: Scam?

Welcome to the forum,  @Alex_Edge -Total scam! BT or OpenReach will never talk to an ed-user such as yourself.

This is doing the rounds - just have a look at this site for the numerous examples and advice offered.

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Re: Scam?

Hi @Alex_Edge,

As @jab1 has pointed out, this is a scam call and was certainly not on the behalf of ourselves. In terms of the issue you're having with the iMac, is it only happening on this one device and does it occur through both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections?

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