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SNR with and without upload cap inplace

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SNR with and without upload cap inplace

Since I got a new phone line from my cabinet to exchange after a fault a while ago, my connection was no longer was stable for fastpath so interleaving was added.  Since then my SNR has been 12.  I requested my upload cap removed removed to try and help with a game I play when hosting.  But since the cap was removed today my SNR changed from 12 too 9.
So why, was my upload cap a factor in my SNR?  Or is there a 3 or 10 training period when its applied?
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Re: SNR with and without upload cap inplace

I don't think there is a new training period after uncapping upload. The change in SNR may have just been a coincidence of the DLM seeing less errors on your line and reducing the margin.
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