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Routing problems

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Routing problems

Plusnet IP 146.200.192.xx

I'm having routing problems to a variety of internet sites.  Other parts of the internet are fine, and I can't see a pattern.  For example: unreachable unreachable unreachable ping 32ms unreachable pings 24ms unreachable pings 25ms pings 34ms pings 48ms pings 24ms unreachable unreachable unreachable unreachable unreachable ping 49ms unreachable unreachable unreachable unreachable ping 104ms ping 311ms


My guess would be someone messed up their BGP tables?  (Rather interestingly is allocated from ARIN rather than RIPE, so it's US IP space)


I'm going to try rebooting the router and hope we get an IP in a different netblock, but it'll only pass the problem on to somebody else.


Edit: forgot say, it's been like this for a few days

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Re: Routing problems

Try changing router dns (assuming it's not a PN one, and thus locked)
to Google's
Alternatively use these on each device.
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Re: Routing problems

He's posted the site name and IP address; the DNS lookup has worked which implies that it is NOT a DNS issue. Your suggestion is therefore irrelevant.

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Re: Routing problems

It's a PN router. But anyway, there's no problem in resolving addresses because all of those resolved just fine using the PN nameservers.  The problem is that once you have an IP address half of them can't be pinged.


Turning the router off for half an hour got us an IP in a different netblock where the above sites are now routable again.  But that just means somebody else is going to pick up our non-working IP instead.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Routing problems

Sorry for the delayed reply from us and thanks for flagging this up, it's really appreciated. 

I'm going to flag with with our net ops guys. 

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