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Can one of you advise me which one is the most important to kept an eyes on one of it below as I had no ideas which ones is more important:
SuperFrames:      000000
SF (CRC) Errors:  0
Reed Solomon:    0
RS Corrected:    0
RS Un-Corrected:  0
HEC:              0
Errored Seconds:  0
Severe ES:        0
Interleave Depth: 0
Bitswaps:        0
I just want to try to get a perfect no errors on the line for 24 hours then I will report back to the fult team to adjusted SNR to reduced any errors on the line. Thanks
It appear that ADSL1 had no errors on the line compare to ADSL2+ with very high errors on the line, is this normal ?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: RouterStatis

I'd say errored seconds are the ones you want to keep an eye on, it can be indicative of an issue if they reach the 10s of thousands.
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 Adam Walker
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