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Router question

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Router question

Hi all,
I've just joined Plusnet (fibre) from Sky/O2, the router arrived yesterday and I noticed that it looked the same as the O2 router. Is it worth keeping the O2 router as a spare? I am moving from Sky as they bought out O2. When I was with O2 (for a few years), I was getting 13 to 14 Megs on an advertised 16 Meg service. From the date of transfer speeds have never been more than 8Megs, was told by Sky the problem was with my PC, funny a fault should happen on the same day as the transfer and it happened on both our PCs the same day.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Router question

Hi Gerald and welcome to the Forums Smiley
Can't imagine how your PC would have any control over your connection rate in that respect  Huh
The O2 Router may be, and is likely locked to them and/or Sky. It's worth keeping it though because if you ever have a problem, it could be handy for using it for testing purposes Smiley
We'll do our best to ensure you're getting the best speeds possible too.
Chris Pettitt
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