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Router keeps crashing with DELL/HP Laptops

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Router keeps crashing with DELL/HP Laptops


With the current situation, there's 2 of us working from home and on wifi, our laptops keeps crashing the wifi and router keeps resetting.

We have had the same router for at least 7 years - Thomson TG585 v8 - as we didn't get a new one when we changed contracts (or name on contract) and I can't find the IP Address since doesn't work to check if the firmware is up to date.

What can be done as we need to work from home and only one of us has a cable to connect to the broadband this way? We don't want to have a cable from the place where to router is (my bedroom) to other rooms in the house.

Is it possible to have a more recent router sent to us, since we didn't get one when we changed contracts?

Any help you can provide is appreciated so that we can work from home!

Thank you,


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Re: Router keeps crashing with DELL/HP Laptops

Try disabling "Wireless N" mode on your laptop WiFi interfaces,

Connecting using "Wireless G" ONLY should fix your problem.

If your WiFi adaptor has the option of "G" only, or "B/G", then choose "G" only, but "B/G" might also work.


Fixing wireless compatibility problems with the Thomson 585v8 


Once your laptops are set to "G", then have another go at connecting to 

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Re: Router keeps crashing with DELL/HP Laptops

Treat yourself to a better router. After all its been 7 years with the current one. 

Take a look at Netgear.


Ensure any router you buy is good for DSL

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Re: Router keeps crashing with DELL/HP Laptops

A better router is a good idea, and I'm not sure you'd find an ADSL router that doesn't support VDSL - however, it is very unlikely that anywhere without VDSL now will ever get it, as it isn't a solution that is being used any more.

Even USO will be overwhelmingly 4G or FTTP rather than FTTC. 

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Re: Router keeps crashing with DELL/HP Laptops

Probably worn out by now. Time for a new one. Tip: always ask for a new router when you change. It'll be modern. So much has changed since 2013 even if the wires feeding it haven't!

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