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Router Upgrade

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Router Upgrade

I am still using the old Thomson  TG585  V7  That PN supplied 2 years ago or maybe longer anyway we live in an old house with very thick walls and the reception is not great in other rooms are there any routers out there that are far better than the Thomson we are currently using  Many Thanks
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Re: Router Upgrade

Hi Jock,
We could send you a TG582n if you wish, though there'd be the usual fee on your account that would drop off in 12 months time.
If you're after a third party number there's a lot being mentioned on this forum about the top end Asus routers - the RT-N56U and its big brother the RT-N66U. There's also a few users on here who like the Billion 7800N.
Let us know if you'd like the 582n, otherwise good luck and I hope you end up happy with whatever you get Smiley