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Router Sync Probs

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Router Sync Probs

My router recently has been syncing at around 4.600 which will give me the next step up in terms of ip profile but when i restart my router to get that new sync speed it does not get past 4.200
Any tips on how to get this so i can get a improved IP profile?
Also am i on adsl2+ ?
Heres some stats if you need them
Link Information

Uptime: 0 days, 8:52:50
DSL Type: G.992.3 annex A
Maximum Bandwidth (Up/Down) [kbps/kbps]: 988 / 4,600
Bandwidth (Up/Down) [kbps/kbps]: 443 / 4,216
Data Transferred (Sent/Received) [MB/MB]: 20.10 / 164.82
Output Power (Up/Down) [dBm]: 12.5 / 19.0
Line Attenuation (Up/Down) [dB]: 29.0 / 47.5
SN Margin (Up/Down) [dB]: 21.5 / 10.0
Vendor ID (Local/Remote): TMMB / IFTN
Loss of Framing (Local/Remote): 0 / 0
Loss of Signal (Local/Remote): 0 / 0
Loss of Power (Local/Remote): 0 / 0
Loss of Link (Remote): 0
Error Seconds (Local/Remote): 1 / 0
FEC Errors (Up/Down): 0 / 0
CRC Errors (Up/Down): 36 / 587
HEC Errors (Up/Down): 8 / 986
Thanks guys
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Re: Router Sync Probs

You're not on ADSL2+ - the giveaway is where it says "DSL Type:  G.992.3 annex A". ADSL2+ would be G.992.5.
Sync rates are naturally a bit variable. On a 47.5 dB line you might expect a bit more sync speed, depending on how much electrical noise there is, but not much. The noise margin isn't great at 10dB. It might just be your line is noisy, or it could be you have rebooted a bit too often and the exchange has interpreted that as a stability problem and raised the margin, which lowers the sync rate.
Have you tried connecting the router to the test socket? Post the stats with it plugged in there.
Moving to ADSL2+ should get you a bit more. According to this, it might gain you another meg.