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Router Advice - Networking USB Hard Drive

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Router Advice - Networking USB Hard Drive

Right then,
Not sure if this is the correct forum (it's either here or the hardware one!), but here goes.
I currently have a Belkin wireless router which works fine; however due to a review of storage of media; I now have a USB hard drive full of my CD collection.  I note that there are some routers (netgear appears cheapest from Currys/PC World) that enable me to attach the USB drive to it and map it as a network share.
This leaves me with 2 options I believe & would like some advice as to which way to go:
1) Replace existing router with the ADSL model
2) Keep existing router & buy the cheaper "cable" model (& possibly relocate elsewhere in the house as I have a couple of powerline connections)
The latter is tempting as it is cheaper; although I am unsure if I will be able to configure everything to work together?  I would hope that I could?
Thanks in advance for any advice  Smiley
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Re: Router Advice - Networking USB Hard Drive

Have you looked at any "Network Storage Link" devices ?
These are simple converters that allow USB devices such as memory sticks or hard discs, to appear as a shared drive on your network.
The first device that comes to mind is the Linksys NSLU2 -
There are many others to choose from.
The advantage for you would be that you don't have to change your router, or if you ever do then USB connectivity will no longer be an issue.