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Router 2704n WPS problems

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Registered: 08-10-2008

Router 2704n WPS problems

I've just come back to Plusnet and was issued with the new  2704n Router.
My problem is getting my printer to talk to the router via WPS. They don't see each other at all.
Regardless of whether I push the printers WPS button or the routers first they never connect.
What I did find interesting was the WPS light on the router flashes continuously after pressing it. (now been on for 24 hours)  I thought pressing this button only gave a couple of minutes for each peripheral to be visible to each other?
I logged on to the router via and switched the WPS off and back on and the light stayed out until I pressed it again.
None of my other routers 582n or BT supplied one gave me any issues.
Can anyone suggest anything?
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Re: Router 2704n WPS problems



I'm having the same problem with a motorola wifi camera cannot get it to link up with the 2704n router. Sad 


Have you been able to sort it out I was able to link the camera to my previous router -  BT 4.