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Request for IP Profile Reset Please

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Request for IP Profile Reset Please


Somehow i am restricted to max 0.5 Mbps download speed.

Let me tell the whole story so you know what you are dealing with

I started switch to BT, but since the same happened when i was switching from BT to Plusnet i was expecting something to go wrong and i was not surprised. Somehow the switch was messed up and only my phone line was moved to BT. Before that i asked them if everything is going to be fine and they told me not to worry. Chated with Plusnet support, they told me the broadband request may come later. Anyway 16 march the day of the switch. only the phone was moved to BT and broadband left with Plusnet, after few calls to BT they started a query. and later i got mail from Plusnet that my broadband is about to move to another suppllier. with set date 4th Aprill. but but that the phone line will be switched at 23th of April. Guess what. 23th of April comes and my internet goes straihgt down. with 1 or few connection drops. So i chated online, and was advised to start  online query or whatever you call it, since i done all the checks, phone line is clean, tried with 3 routers, changed 5 adsl filters etc.Well 48 hours later and this 3th day almoust without internet. the only drops are my restarts of the router. But my router testing the connections it fails on gateaway pings . I still have 10 days with Plusnet, so hopefully someone here is going to sort it out for me, please. We have student at home who is preapiring for A levels right now, and its critical for us to have good internet.

Thank you in advance.


When a year ago i was joining Plusnet , had to stay 3 days without internet because of Plusnet forgeting to switch me and not sending router either. I am starting to believe that as BT and Plusnet are same company, they are just trying to discourage people from switching.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Request for IP Profile Reset Please

Hi there,


I can reset the line for you, however I need to advise that you avoid rebooting your router any further as that's the reason as to why your speeds have dropped.


You should start to see some improvement within the next 24 hours.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team