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Repeated Broadband drop outs

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Repeated Broadband drop outs

Hi All


For the past few months I have had numerous drops in my broadband connection, its been almost a daily occurrence with me having to reset my router 4-6 times before a stable connection is re-established. This has been very disappointing as the initial reliable service is now becoming almost unusable. Can someone please investigate. 

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Repeated Broadband drop outs



I've just done some testing on your line and to be honest I can't find anything obvious that is causing the issue you're experiencing. 


Below are the test results. This is your line test:



Everything looks good there, everything else was passing on the other tests that run. This is the connection logs showing all the drops that have happened on your connection since September this year (it will be quite big but as you said the issue has been ongoing for a few months I thought it best to just add everything)




Now, there are clearly some periods of instability here but any resets/reboots will show as drops on this graph so it's difficult to tell what is and isn't an actual drop (in the sense it hasn't been forced). Yesterday evening for example there were for drops in very short succession, was this you rebooting the equipment?


If it was I would advise against doing this, mainly because you're not giving the router enough time to establish and handshake with the exchange before rebooting again - eventually doing this will cause far more harm than good.


From there I think it's best to establish if the issue you're experiencing is across multiple devices (or isolated to particular devices), and if the issue is across a wired connection, wireless or both.

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Re: Repeated Broadband drop outs