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Removal of 2nd line

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Removal of 2nd line

I left the company I used to work for over 3 months ago and they have still not ceased the old line which is running ADSL. I was advised by BT before that having the 2nd line could affect my broadband speed I am on FTTC and speeds keep dropping. I have contacted the company I used to work for but it does not look like they will be ceasing the line any time soon. As I own the property is there a way I can get the line ceased.
Many Thanks
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Re: Removal of 2nd line

Hi GoochyMeUK,
You shouldn't be seeing any issues with fibre speeds if you have an additional line with ADSL in place. If you do wish to get rid of the second line though, I'm afraid it would be down to the owner of the line and broadband to arrange the removal for you as there isn't anything in place for another company to cease the services down.