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Regular Disconnections from ADSL Internet

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Regular Disconnections from ADSL Internet

Hi, ever since I've been a plusnet customer I've been plagued with regular disconnections from the Internet. Sometimes it can go a week without a disconnection, sometimes it happens several times every single day. Usually you have to switch the router off at the mains for it to reconnect again.

I've previously contacted plusnet support and tried a few things but nothing has helped.

You can see my original post here:

Plusnet for some reason does not like third-party routers. I've tried TP-link and a expensive Netgear router which plusnet hated. I've now been using a BT home Hub 6 for the last several months, which offers the same consistency as the original plusnet router, but it's still bad.

I've noticed since the coronavirus lockdown that disconnections have been much more frequent. Yes, I know this is probably due to more usage, but it may also highlight that there isn't enough capacity in my area.

I've never had a problem with regular disconnections with my previous Internet provider. It's just not acceptable any more. Is there anything plusnet can do? Can I cancel my service without any penalties? Will an upgrade to fibre solve my problem?

Many thanks.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Regular Disconnections from ADSL Internet

Hi @AgentMildew, I've tested the line for you and can see the disconnections you're reporting as per the graph below. We'll ideally need to run through some further checks before progressing this, I've sent these out via email.


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 Plusnet Help Team