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Regular ADSL Broadband or 4G/5G Router?

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Regular ADSL Broadband or 4G/5G Router?

Hi everyone,

So now that the renovation of my flat is well underway, I got to the point where I was supposed to get my Internet sorted. Much to my chagrin, I discovered that the Virgin Media access that I thought was available based on the "Check broadband coverage" on the Rightmove property ad did not exist.

Had I known about this before, I would have probably looked elsewhere as we are two adults working from home for at least the remainder of the year, and an ADSL connection doesn't cut it.

While frantically looking for options I managed to come across the Three 5G broadband offer, and I am apparently in their coverage area. Do you have any experience with it? If 5G is not available, would a 4G router be better than the bog standard copper?

Thanks for the advice, as always.

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Re: Regular ADSL Broadband or 4G/5G Router?

I suspect 4G will be way better than ADSL, and dependent on the signal and the router you use, comparable with FTTC.

I recently had a BT outage and used both the 4G mini hub they supply for backup and my phone in tethered mode.

Speed tests showed a download speed of about 30Meg on the 4G mini hub, which I think is probably artificially constrained and  my (old android 6) phone in USB tether mode to the 4G LTE network gave 70Meg. I get about 60Meg from my FTTC line.

Try tethering a phone and see what you achieve. Not sure about the relative costs and congestion issues however if you plan to stream a lot of TV. If FTTC is available to you I would go with that.

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Re: Regular ADSL Broadband or 4G/5G Router?

This may not be the best forum for this question, as the customers here are likely to be ADSL users.

However, I have abandoned ADSL and now use 4G for home broadband exclusively. Obviously just how fast it is will depend on your signal strength, which will vary between providers. Most providers now offer unlimited data plans - I used to use Three, but now use EE, which for me is faster and more reliable.

I would suggest buying a PAYG SIM to try out before you commit to a lengthy contract. There are a variety of routers available, and it can be cheaper to buy one and use a SIM only deal than to get the bundled router. It is also often cheaper to get an unlimited phone SIM than to use a data SIM.

Another option is to simply tether to your phones - if you have a phone each anyway and have an unlimited data deal then that can be a good solution as it avoids an extra monthly outlay, and it goes wherever you go.