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Referal discount

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Referal discount

My referral discount value seems to be somewhat erratic in the last 3 months. I have an "Unlimited Fibre Extra - Market 2/3" which I'm expecting 75p for, and a "Line only" which I expect 50p for which are both shown as #N/A, on the basis that other entries marked with the same product have those discount in place. Does "Line only" still qualify for a discount or do they need to take an additional bolt on calling package on top for a discount to qualify. The referral help states "Line (with any calling package)", but it's either changed recently or my referrals not setup properly and I'm missing out.

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Re: Referal discount

Hi there @mar7t1n, we offer 50p for a call plan referral and 75p for a broadband referral. I have looked over the account and created a ticket here.