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Recommendations for router

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Registered: ‎23-10-2008

Recommendations for router

Hi All (long time no post!)
I'm looking for recommendations for either an ADSL Router/modem or a relatively cheap router.
A recently acquired remote site uses a DG834 (I forget the version/derivative); this presents problems as it doesnt reliably support port translation (I've successfully mapped one in IPTables, but adding a second seems to either overwrite or replace existing rules - IPTables isn't really supported, and I'm wondering if its conflicting with the use via the GUI for supported rule generations.)
I need to add a number of network printers on this site (possibly as many as 10), and whilst I can send print jobs to the site on any port, I need to translate these back to 9100 before forwarding them to the relevant internal IP.
The Netgear supports forwarding, but not translation - so all I can get it to do currently is receive a print job on port 9101, and forward it to - I need to forward it to
Any ideas for simple (cheapish) solutions?
It can be a bit Heath Robinson - its not a long term solution, but I need to set it up as an interim whilst BT faff about bunging our private circuits into the site (probably 3 or 4 months Sad )
Happy to put in a standalone router, since I can use the Netgear to forward traffic reliably to another device, or I can replace the Netgear completely with an ADSL Modem/Router than does support port translation as well as forwarding.
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Re: Recommendations for router

Instead of changing your DG834 for another model, have you considered flashing it with non-Netgear firmware ? - such as DGTeam