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Reasons im leaving

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Reasons im leaving

When i signed up for  i was given a estimated line speed of 3mb.
For  a long time the line was stable. I was able to stream HD content from the bbci player which meant the line had a profile of 3.5mb  and a sync speed of around 3800k? Regardless it was working great!
The endless battle that got nowhere started when it came to reporting a fault.  My line was capped at between 500-1152k with a noise margin of 23-27db.
Ok so the line was “fixed” and i was now lucky to be getting a 2mb profile?  In my opinion it was never fixed as they didn’t restore the service i had!  fair enough they stopped the line dropping as "much" but they also halfed my throughput in doing so.... i never had drop outs when i was happily sitting at 3.5mb until the fault started. So they fixed the fault they created and halfed my speed in doing so. removed the estimated line speed which was 3.0mb and BT rewrote the fault threshold for my line. What is the point in having a fault threshold if the supplier can change it to suite?
A estimated line speed reappeared after requesting my mac code. How convenient
Estimated line speed:
    1.0Mb (Accurate to within +/- 1Mbit) - Checked on 2011-09-22 15:18:59 ( more like made up on )
Current line speed:
    2 Mb
The lines been  synced  between 2800 and 3200 and just now and the profile at bt’s end is 2800k+  yet the throughput just now is 1.8mb
I will update the thread with what i get from my new supplier i’m more than confident it will be more than 2mb. Which most of the time i don’t seem to be getting from (BT) never mind the 3mb+ i used to get.

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Re: Reasons im leaving

Hi there,
Really sorry you're leaving, unfortunately line conditions can change and in your case have done. If there's nothing that can be done to improve the connection at the premises then it can often be the case that the only way of improving things is to replace the wire between the exchange and your premises, which can cost thousands and will need to be done by BT Retail (the owners of the line itself) so isn't something we can do unfortunately.
I hope the connection works better for you with your new supplier and am sorry that we couldn't get the speed improved for you.