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Re loggging in

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Re loggging in

At last I can now login which is took some doing and comomplaing,a least I can now view my account.i can not why some companys make things so complicated ,let's face it plusnet dont make it easy .for the customer .then you get very good companys who we as the public should give those firms a postive please plusnet sought your after sales out it .your prices are good.also thanks for getting me up and running at last.if you made things a bit more easy ,it would be great
Posts: 25
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What a rubbish company to deal with

Ever since I joined plusnet I have had trouble logging, keeps coming up account not known I have been In touch with ombusman just waiting a reply from them .I also want a refund if not this will go furthest to claims court plusnet no help at all .its say go to complaints but you need to log to get a ticket .but cant log dare plusnet advertise .it got to be traded description act. To me they have broke there contract yours disgusted
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Re: What a rubbish company to deal with


Yet here you are so you must be doing something right..

Try posting perhaps under 'My account/Billing' on the 'Help with my Plusnet services' board?

Good luck.


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Re: What a rubbish company to deal with

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Re: Re loggging in


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