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Re Ticket #81892611

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Re Ticket #81892611

Firstly there has been some confusion over my engineer appointment.
It was originally booked for PM today (19th).
However I called on Tuesday asking to change it to  AM Friday (20th). This was confirmed by email, sms & also on my ticket.
However the engineer turned up at 10am this morning!, he did say he was early & was booked for PM, so basically it was the original appointment slot running early.
I hope now that another engineer doesn't turn up tomorrow on the re-booked slot, can this be checked & cancelled if need be please? 
Anyway as for the testing, he reset the port in the cabinet & said I was getting 59 Meg at the master socket. I assume this is the sync speed.
As my download speed is only around 44 Meg or less (39 Meg sometimes), he said there is something wrong with my throughput  but it would not be the Openreach modem.
I am connected by ethernet to the PC. Could it be the routert?
I note my P/N profile is only 51Meg though.
An official engineer report will probably be sent to you probably saying this.
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Re: Re Ticket #81892611

Hi buseng12,
It looks like the confirmation of the order hasn't been pushed through to us yet which means that the profile hasn't been reset. I'll take a look and confirm the line stats then adjust the profile to match for you now  Wink

Adam C