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Questions about FTTC speeds

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Questions about FTTC speeds

Hi all,
So I just had FTTC installed today and for the most part it is working brilliantly.  I have however noticed a few things that perhaps some of you on here may be able to help with.
I have paired the BT modem with an Asus RT-N66U and all devices capable of using the 5GHz channel are getting between 65-73 Mb speed readings.  Devices that are only capable of 2.4GHz get anywhere between 20-30Mb readings.  Any particular reason why this happens?
Additionally, I have an IPad 4 (really just the enhanced version of the 3) and this picks up the 5GHz SSID and connects.  Problem is that it only gets a speed of between 30-40 Mb.  Anyone know is there is a limitation on speed with these devices?  Just seems strange that it does not get the top speed.
Thanks for any suggestions.
P.S.: It is annoying that BT have locked the modem.  No way to see any stats.
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Re: Questions about FTTC speeds

Wireless devices are limited by the number of antennas they have, as 802.11n and 802.11ac use multiple channels to achieve faster data rates (20MHz to 40MHz channel width, and Channel Bonding).
For a machine with a single antenna, 40mps would be the realistic maximum you could achieve.
You're probably getting better rates on the 5GHz due to lower interference.
For your 2.4GHz devices,  using a WiFi analyer to check on surrounding devices, with respect to their channel usage and signal strength, you may be able to reduce interference.