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Question about DLM

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Question about DLM

BTOR were working in my local cabinet on Monday this week and created some severe line noise, probably caused by my phone connection being jiggled. This has resulted in a previously stable connection having interleaving imposed on both downstream and upstream paths (no interleaving before this, and a stable 3dB SNRM) and a doubling of latency. The connection isn't bad to be honest, but it's been four clear days now without a loss of connection (and very few erorred seconds, about 100 in over four days) and nothing has changed.

Question...   what should I now expect the DLM to do if the connection now remains stable? Should it return to the previous setup, and if so how long should it take? I was under the impression that the DLM did its thing after a day or so.


EDIT: The connection is ADSL2+

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Re: Question about DLM

DLM seems remarkably slow to relent when a line stops erroring.   The simplest thing would be to get Plusnet to reset the line back to your previous and preferred settings.   Be prepared for them to argue though, for some reason they're sometimes reluctant on the grounds that DLM might slow it back down again.   Press your point, explaining that you understand that perfectly well but would like them to reset anyway.