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Query about IP Profile/speed

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Query about IP Profile/speed

So I done a test today on the BT Wholesale tester.
So I understand the IP Profile for my line on the download side is pretty much where it is but I want to query as of why my IP Profile for the upload is 20mbps and im only getting 5.87?
Like this is what im suppose to get

  • Product: Unlimited Fibre Extra
  • Estimated Download Range: 38 - 43Mbps
  • Estimated Upload Range: 5Mbps
  • Minimum Guaranteed Speed: 34.8Mbps
  • Current Line Speed (Download): 52.6Mbps

    So why the high profile if I cant even get anywhere close to the 20mbps? 
    (PS That current line speed is wrong. It was 52 but for some reason recently I have lost 10mbps on the download)
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Re: Query about IP Profile/speed

@FunkoJack  The IP profile on FTTC upload is always fixed at the maximum speed so 20Mbps in your case. Your sync speed depends on the distance to the cabinet, the IP profile cannot effect your actual speed.

Also the confusingly named Plusnet Current Line Speed is not an actual speed at all but Plusnet's own internal profile that limits the speed on users with Static IPs.