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Quality drop over recent months.

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Quality drop over recent months.

Until a couple of months ago I had a really good broadband connection with 17 Mb download speed, SNR 6 and Interleave off that last hundreds of days without dropping. Now I can just get 14 Mb with an SNR of 9 and an Interleave level of 64. I have bought some of the best routers on the market to try to improve matters but to no avail, I'm currently using a Billion Bipac 7800DXL which seems to be the far. The line was tested and new backbox and filtered face plate fitted and checked out OK. I appreciate to some my speed is good but I expect things to work as they should. I rather suspect an exchange fault as I had this problem some years ago but PlusNet says my BB is OK even though line speed is now 12.5 Mb when the minimum should be 13 Mb. Any ideas?

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Re: Quality drop over recent months.

hi @glloyd

Try putting your number in and see what the handback speed is. I think from reading another thread this was the minimum speed for new provides that you can cancel against, so would be interesting to compare what you get to what that value is.

ALso if you run the BTW speedtest that shows if your line is slow for BTW to consider it to be a fault, if its not slow "enough" plusnet wont be able to raise a fault.

Can be very frustrating though when your speed goes down though Sad

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Re: Quality drop over recent months.

Doesn't the handback speed only apply to FTTC provision? Nothing to do with normal ADSL lines.