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QoS request

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Re: QoS request

This wasnt a pick at PN but now you mention it Its bufferbloat that to blame for peak time latency spikes and yes in-game lag. The lack of processing power to deal with the buffer not bandwidth. Data that doesn't even need buffering such as gaming traffic around 256kbps at the most.
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Re: QoS request

If there was 'bufferbloat' then you would see significant levels of packet drops on the system, particularly on the lowest priority 'bronze' traffic latency graphs.
See -
Your gaming traffic will be of much higher priority than 'bronze' or 'silver' traffic, so there would have to be very significant problems before you would see Plusnet systems causing latency on the highest priority traffic.

Technically your gaming data is probably mostly UDP packets, which because they are not fully handshaked like other traffic,  can take advantage of pipeline buffering to make bandwidth and latency improvements over normal TCP traffic.  Therefore buffering is a good thing, unless the buffers become full - which would be a very noticeable problem !