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Problems - will more microfilters help

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Problems - will more microfilters help

We got in a basic broadband package for my 98 year old mum so we can run a Amazon Echo show during lock down. The connection is erratic and I am wondering if we need more microfilters. She is in a retirement apartment with a maze of extension cables put in by previous owners. I think we probably need three more. Can Plusnet supply them, or can someone suggest a reputable make that we can get quickly. Very frustrating!

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Re: Problems - will more microfilters help

@grimes23 Welcome to the forum.  🙂

If she has a filtered faceplate on the master socket, no other filters are required.

If not, only one microfilter is needed on the master for the router and an optional phone, and one on each extension socket which has a phone.

If more are required, this is a good reputable supplier -

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