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Problem with laptop comnnection

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Problem with laptop comnnection

My daughter's laptop (Windows Vista) connected to Plusnet via our home network but wouldn't then connect to the internet even though we also have a desk top (Windows 7) plus On Demand Sky box, ipad & an android mobile. I took it to the local computer guy who cleaned it up & established a connection in the shop (BT) but when I tried at home...... nothing. I spent ages fiddling around checking this that & the other then out of desperation & quite frankly lack of ideas, re-connected my old Belkin MIMO router instead of the Plusnet issue  & heyho established a connection. My question is this, is there a finite amount of devices that will connect to the Plusnet router at one time, if so how many. Incidentally she also subscribes to Plusnet & has the same router & she has the same problem with this.
Although I have solved the problem I'm curious to know what the problem was, any ideas anyone?
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Re: Problem with laptop comnnection

Try updating the Vista laptop's wireless driver.