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Problem with Customer Service

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Problem with Customer Service

Hello, I wonder if Plus Net is actually providing an acceptable service. I have had intermittent internet connection drop out for over a month. This has been acknowledged by Plusnet. I have received several messages over the last two weeks. The most hilarious one on Wednesday, 5 December, which told me that the dropout is much better now (!!!?). The situation is actually getting worse rather than better. What does a customer need to do in order to get the kind of customer service and internet connection that is worth the money we have paid? I really disapprove of the kind of service we have received and the disregard with which our requests to have the internet connection problem seen has been handled. Any ideas?
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Re: Problem with Customer Service

Multiple topics about the same problem will not help! The radius graphs on your other posts clearly show that there has been an improvement. That might of failed again or you might have a second problem that is not resulting in the line dropping, such as a wireless issue. I would suggest that you return to your other topic and explain your current problem in more detail.

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