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Problem transferring to Plusnet

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Problem transferring to Plusnet

Has anyone been stopped from transferring their line to Plusnet by Unicom?  I have never heard of this company and they blocked my transfer of phone line to Plusnet.  I have no idea why.  When I contacted Unicom they had no record of me as a customer, so I asked Plusnet to try again and it was blocked again.  Anyone else had a similar experience and how did you resolve it.

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Re: Problem transferring to Plusnet

The why bit is most likely due to some-one at Unicom entering your phone number in to a database by mistake. The how to fix it is to get Plusnet to get it sorted.

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Re: Problem transferring to Plusnet

Hi @2282cadets,


I am sorry that you are having issues getting your service up and running.


This sounds like it may be an address issue. If there is multiple organisations working in one building they all need to be registered correctly. If not then at a later date we may be placing orders trying to takeover a service that belongs to a different organisation within the same building. This also can occur if a building has been converted from single occupancy into flats.


I have sent a response with further account specific information on the following link