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Pricing Structure

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Pricing Structure

Sorry if this has been covered already but I am having no joy with the search facility.
I thought PN were bringing a new pricing strucure in at the start of June?  IS this the case, if so did I miss any price/package changes?

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Re: Pricing Structure

That was rumour and hearsay mainly started by Jelv and - nasty hat on - Plusnet took great pleasure in proving him wrong.
It will probably be in quarter 3
Quote from: Chris
I thought I should pop in here and clarifying the product refresh rumours.
At the moment we are working on a refresh of our product set, but this is in the very early stages and to set your expectations on it, there aren't going to be any changes in the short term. The refresh is likely to be happening later in the year. Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear but rest assured we are looking at it and taking your feedback on board.