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Pre router upgrade check

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Pre router upgrade check

Hi all Smiley
I'm a Plusnet fiber customer and after a bit of research I want to upgrade my Technicolor router to a nice shiny new Netgear R7000 nighthawk. Before I do so, I just want to check here that the steps I think I need to take to get it working are correct. I know Plusnet won't support me on this router in the event of a fault so I will be keeping the Technicolor.
Out of interest, is there any special benefit to having a combined router/modem for the VDSL connection? Space isn't an issue and I don't mind having the extra open reach box. So far I can only see the fritzbox as an AC1900 compatible VDSL router/modem and that seems to not perform as well as the R7000.
Anyway assuming I get the 7000 this is my plan that i would welcome the plusnet community giving a once over;
Step one:
Plug the BT Openreach box into the router WAN port. I have no log in details or any other information for the BT Openreach Box so I hope it just plugs into the new router.
Step two: connect to the webpage of the new router and configure it.
As far as I have seen the only information I need to get the router connected is;
Broadband Username/Login name
Connection Type / Encapsulation PPPoE Always On
(found on Plusnets website
Is there anything other information I will need to configure the router for a wired connection?
Then connect to the internet (hopefully).
Step 3: Set up the wifi network.
I am happy to set up the wifi connection (done so before on other netgear routers just on standard broadband not fiber).
Step 4: Connect other devices
If there is anything I have missed or if anyone has any other feedback/suggestions please let me know Smiley
Thanks in advance and thanks for reading,
GJ Smiley
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Re: Pre router upgrade check

Everything you have stated is correct, but don't enter 'username' as the login its the actual username for the Plusnet Member portal. Hope you knew that  Wink
The Fritzbox is not the only VDSL capable router, you have the BT Hub 5 (around £40 on eBay) - also the technicolor TG789VN and TG589VN (the technicolor's are quite tricky to get a hold off, so be warned)
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