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Possible New Home Network Setup

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Possible New Home Network Setup

I am thinking of relaying out my home network, This is so my router is in a better location for Wireless connectivity around the house.
I currently have FTTC, with my modem located near to the master socket & router located just next to it.
With regards to cabling to the modem if I was to relocate the router, would I need to have a dedicated line (RJ45 Cat5e/6)? or would it be possible to plug the modem directly into my network, and then my router to manage the network from another location?
My other option is to move all equipment including the modem, by placing a new RJ11 cable from the master socket to the new location.
Thank you in advance for your advice and time.
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Re: Possible New Home Network Setup

You should really keep your modem plugged into your Master Socket.
You can run a Cat5/5e/6 cable from your modem to wherever you want to locate your router.