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Port forwarding on a Technicolor TG582n FTTC

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Port forwarding on a Technicolor TG582n FTTC

Just upgraded to fibre.
Port forwarding on a Technicolor TG582n FTTC
When I try to ftp into my fixed IP address (from work or from home) I get logged into the router and not into my NAS
There WAS an entry FTP SERVER pointing at
I changed this to, the fixed IP of my NAS (it has a ftp server in it)
It complained that something else has this address!!!!!
I can ftp into the NAS using the local address (this is fixed)
But I still get the router when I ftp in using the external IP
But I want the NAS not the router.
The FTP SERVER entry doesn't show anymore for some reason.
I was able to set up the https server ok
I can log into the NAS from work, I can access the NAS's web server from work so that bit is all ok.
The fact the router has a ftp server is complication the issue.
So I don't know what I am doing wrong.
I am unable to point the FTP SERVER entry to the NAS IP address, it just wont take,
I click apply it goes away and thinks about it then comes back without saving the changes.
If any one has any thoughts I would be most appreciative.

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Re: Port forwarding on a Technicolor TG582n FTTC

You could try the following telnet command to disable the routers FTP server
service system modify name=FTP state=disabled
If you're no familiar with telnet: