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Poor gaming performance and ping

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Registered: ‎11-09-2016

Poor gaming performance and ping

Hi guys,


Have a bit of a novel issue with my Plusnet Broadband. I get the full 10Mb down/1Mb up speeds that it says I should during speedtests, but my ping performance is atrocious in games. Funnily enough, my ping is always fine for the FIRST game I join. It's when it reloads the map and reconnects that pings begin to balloon to that 150+ unplayable range. Is this some sort of traffic shaping? Is the game connection being relegated beneath something else, throttled somehow? This is extremely frustrating.



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Registered: ‎14-09-2016

Re: Poor gaming performance and ping

Feel your pain, I've giving up playing, spoilt a whole season, will maybe get 10 minutes then goes up to 150 - 3000 ping, waste of time.