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Pondering whether to move to Unlimited Fibre

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Registered: ‎25-08-2013

Pondering whether to move to Unlimited Fibre

Hi All

I'm currently on ASDL, getting download speeds of 5-6 Mb ish (though if I sit next to the router with the ethernet cable plugged in, it's 10ish) and upload speeds of 1 Mb.  

Like many others, I will be continuing to work from home for the next few months. I can access work's network fine, but some of the documents I deal with are quite large (10Mb isn't unusual) so it can take a frustratingly long time to save or email them, for example.  When in meetings using the webcam, sometimes it freezes and says my connection is unstable.

I realise that I'm getting the max upload speed for an ASDL line and the download speeds aren't a lot to write home about but aren't as bad as others see.

Looking at, it says FTTP isn't available but doesn't say that FTTC is likewise unavailable.  Ofcom checker for my postcode says I can get superfast BB [which they call up to 275 download / 43 upload].

Do you think it's worth considering moving to the Unlimited fibre offer - does it look like it's available to me?  Would it help with the issues I've identified? There's the offer on at the moment which looks cheaper than my current monthly payment.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts 🙂

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