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Plusnet profile out of date

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Plusnet profile out of date

Following an Openreach engineer visit my slow sync speed problem is fixed, but I'm not seeing any benefit because my Plusnet profile is 2 weeks out of date.  I requested a profile update via the original ticket 48 hours ago, what do I have to do to get this fixed?
BTW Performance test gives this:
"Download speed achieved during the test was - 3.01 Mbps  [that's the Plusnet profile]
For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 4 Mbps-21 Mbps.
IP Profile for your line is - 9.28 Mbps" [that's the BT IP Profile - 3 times as fast]
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Plusnet profile out of date

Hi there,
I've bumped your profile to 9.2Mb/s, give it 10-15 minutes and you should see an improvement.