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Plusnet hub constant in disconnection loop

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Plusnet hub constant in disconnection loop

I have a plusnet problem which has gradually been getting worse,  today,  it has become chronic.  And the most unbelievable thing is that this issue is the EXACT same Plusnet issue I experienced ten years ago in 2013 at a different address with a different router.


The router simply disconnects for an unknown reason,  begins a reconnection attempt,  reconnects successfully,  but that is very short lived before disconnection occurs again and reconnection attempts begin.


This has happened AT LEAST FIFTY times today.   I just tried to raise a ticket but the option is nowhere to be found.


I can't believe this is happening,  I literally left plusnet in 2013 because this issue made my Internet unusable.


I don't have fibre broadband,  this is the slower connection package but the router is very modern plusnet HUB ONE

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Re: Plusnet hub constant in disconnection loop


First thing to check: Is your phoneline clear? Dial 17070 (preferably from a corded phone), select option 2. Once your phone number is confirmed, there should be silence on the line except for the regular 'Quiet Line Test' message - any other noise, report a PHONE problem via:

If the phone test passes, report a broadband problem via:

Let us know the result - if the tests come back as clear but you still have a problem, we need to investigate further.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet hub constant in disconnection loop

Hey there @rewerty7777 I can see you contacted the call centre yesterday and spoke to Rizwan! How has it been since?

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