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Plusnet customer communication is lacking

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Plusnet customer communication is lacking

On Sunday  I became unable to send emails; this went on for >24hrs. I phoned the Plusnet help line and was informed that since webmail was working the problem lay with my computer/software. I wasted a few hours trying to narrow the problem; then a  contact  suggested the problem was probably with my isp, even though webmail was working. Funnily enough the system started working on Tuesday.

I had checked the Plusnet broadband status board on Sunday which showed orange ( last post was >100 days ago and was not relevant to my problem). Today, I notice that Plusnet appeared to have posted on the forum on Monday to acknowledge that "a few" customers were having problems sending emails.

I have been unable to log onto the chat line with Plusnet customer service since Sunday - it is always  unmanned.

Why can't the status board be kept up to date ? The intermittent send fault is not shown..

If the problem had not been identified as of Plusnet origin when I contacted your customer service rep on Sunday -  why couldn't Plusnet email me when it was realised that the problem was your end. Plusnet keep records of all the calls.

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Re: Plusnet customer communication is lacking

Sorry to hear you were unable to send emails and thanks for your feedback. We'll pass it on.

Apologies for the inconvenience this had caused you.

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