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Plusnet, What on earth's happening with my regrade!?

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Plusnet, What on earth's happening with my regrade!?

My exchange has recently been ADSL 2 enabled but Plusnet have been trying to get me regraded for over a month, I appreciate this isn't your fault but I'd really like to understand why this is happening and how much longer I can expect  it to go on for? I work in IT and can appreciate a solid answer as opposed to a "it's full, we'll try again in a week"  Cry
The case number is 60494459.
My parents, who live around the corner and use the same exchange regraded in September but it took PN a few goes.
If someone at PN could give me a bit more of a detailed explanation for why my exchange/BT are being so crappy I'd really appreciate it Smiley
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet, What on earth's happening with my regrade!?

Hi there,
The delays have been due to a lack of 21CN network capacity at the exchange. As that suggests it simply means that unfortunately there are no physical ports available on the relevant equipment to allow the connection to ADSL2 to go ahead.
Unfortunately this means a wait for capacity to be unavailable, the way this works is that BT will give us periodic review dates to check on the progress. The next one is 15/11/12 so fingers crossed for you that a port becomes available soon.
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 Adam Walker
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