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Plusnet SpeedTest

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Plusnet SpeedTest doesn't work on the site anymore, has plusnet pulled out their own speedtest site now ?
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Re: Plusnet SpeedTest

Looks like they didn't get enough TLC

05/08/2011 @ 17:25
This is an update to Tuesday's post about the problem accessing the broadband speed tester we host at
The problematic servers have now been returned to our London data centre, however we're having a few issues with the software installed on the devices.
We don't envisage that we'll be able to resolve these problems until early next week.
In the meantime, access to the speed tester will remain disabled.
Please accept our apologies for the continued inconvenience.
Kind regards,
Bob Pullen
Customer Support
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Re: Plusnet SpeedTest

Long topic about this here:,97510.html
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Re: Plusnet SpeedTest

Locked in favour of the existing topic