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Plusnet Hubone default route 172.16.12.xx

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Plusnet Hubone default route 172.16.12.xx

Plusnet Hubone has picked up a default route of which is unrouteable.

I cannot ping it or traceroute to it. So my connection speeds are just abysmal.

I have trying rebooting the Hubone severval times now with noluck, it looks like the authetication is sucessful; according the logs on the Hubone.

Any ideas?, i have this probelm for a while now and I cannot see how to resolve it.


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Re: Plusnet Hubone default route 172.16.12.xx

@sbharaj  Welcome to the forum.

Rather than tell us your perceived cause of your problem it would be far more helpful if you started again by explaining:

What your problem is exactly, include actual speeds and estimated speeds.

Confirming whether you are on ADSL or Fibre.

Confirming that you are testing using a computer connected to your hub using an Ethernet cable, not wireless.

Which hub you have.

What testing you have done like:

     Have you done a quiet line test by ringing 17070 and selecting option 2?

     Have you taken the faceplate off your BT Master socket and tested using the internal Test socket?

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Re: Plusnet Hubone default route 172.16.12.xx

Hi @sbharaj 

I think you will find that all Plus Net assigned default gateways are not set up to respond to ping requests, I know mine are not, so this is not likely be the your problem.

To find out what you current line is speed log into your Hub One view >Troubleshooting >Helpdesk, post the results here redact your Broadband username from line 12. The Helpdesk page can help determining your problem.

When you are testing are you using WiFi or a wired connection as WiFi speed test are known to be unreliable.

Hopefully a Plus Net staff member will pick this post up.



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Plusnet Hubone default route 172.16.12.xx

Hi @sbharaj,

I'm sorry to hear about this. I've tested your line this afternoon and I haven't been able to locate any faults with the service, with everything appearing to run as expected, minus a couple of router reboots in the last few days. From what I gather, your main issue seems to be with the speeds you're receiving - please could you post a screenshot from a speed test ran over an Ethernet connected device?

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